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Weight Loss Tip #98 — Start your day with a heavy breakfast

8/26 11:49:23

Breakfast is one meal we tend to skip because we are usually in a hurry. Either it is rushing to work, packing your kid’s lunch box, running errands, etc. If we don’t skip having breakfast, all we manage is to  grab something like a fruit, an energy bar or a glass of milk. Some of us even carry our breakfast to work but by the time we eat it, it is almost noon.

Do all these scenarios sound familiar to you? Well, you aren’t alone but the sad truth is, skipping breakfast is ruining your health and eventually your weight loss plans. Don’t believe us? Read this study which states that skipping breakfast can make you fat! It is important to eat a hearty breakfast meal within an hour of waking up. Your body needs its dose of energy after a long gap of eight hours of sleep. So make sure that you eat something filling and nutritious. The best part of eating a big breakfast is that you will be satiated for a good few hours and the energy from it will be used up during the day. This way your body will not store it as fat.  As the day progresses, your meals should get smaller and lighter so that your body can easily digest it. Here are a few breakfast options.

It is also important to not rush into things and eat in a mindful way, here’s why. Sit down and eat peacefully instead of rushing into it whilst doing other tasks. One way to do so is to decide what you want to eat the night before or opt for something that is quick to prepare. So eat healthy and lose weight.

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