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Will working out on an empty stomach help me lose weight? (Query)

8/26 11:49:22

I am a 25-year-old guy. I used to workout at my home but recently joined a gym. My friend said that working out on an empty stomach helps in losing weight quickly. Is it true? I usually workout in the morning, so can I workout without eating? Please advice.

One of the most common myths when it comes to exercising is working out on an empty stomach aids in weight loss. But this is far from the truth as it not only hinders your weight loss goals but also affects your workout regimen. In reality, it will only make you lethargic and tired. When you work out, you burn calories, that in turn can make you feel low on energy, moreso if you do that with an empty stomach. Also, there is a long gap between your dinner and the time when you hit the gym, not eating anything for so long will exhaust your body.

This, in turn, will make you feel tired all day but also hamper your overall productivity. It will also interfere with your day-to-day activities, making you skip your workouts.

So, make sure you eat something an hour before working out and not just fill your stomach with a glass of milk. This will provide you stamina and energy to fuel your workout. Wondering what to eat before working out? Here’s a list.

With inputs from Akshay Chopra, owner of Body Mechanics, a New Delhi based gymnasium.

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