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Weight loss tip #117 – Carry a small water bottle to work

8/26 11:49:07

It is imperative to drink lots of water not just to promote weight loss but also keep your skin and hair healthy. Water has umpteen benefits and so does a small water bottle. Whether it is plastic or glass, stop carrying heavy and big water bottles to office.

The reason is simple. Don’t let a desk job be the reason for not staying fit. Long working hours may leave you with little or no time for exercise. You might take stairs to work instead of the elevator, which is a good way to incorporate some physical activity, but once you reach office, you are going to be sitting for hours. Did you know sitting long hours is referred to smoking. So walking up to the water dispenser and filling up that tiny bottle every hour will give you a break from constant sitting. It will also help relax your eyes from the constant staring at the screen. Here’s how you can soothe eyes that are tired from staring at the screen constantly.

Carrying a small bottle of water means you’ll finish the water every hour, if not half an hour. This will call for a refill from the nearest water source. In fact, getting up for five minutes after every hour of sitting will ensure you stay fit and also help prevent weight gain to some extent. Here are some things you must do if you are sitting all day.  Don’t sham or ask someone else to fill the bottle for you and do not give up on drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day. Try this to increase your water intake. Use the excuse of filling the bottle for physical activity every one hour to help in your weight loss efforts.


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