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Weight loss Tip # 149: Avoid alcohol to lose weight

8/26 11:42:56
weight loss tip 149

Eating right and exercising on time, but still failing to shed those few calories to get on track with your weight loss.

You have started on a strict diet-exercise regimen but to your surprise, even that is not working for you!

Wondering what could be the cause? Well, the answer could be alcohol. Yes, saying cheers can sabotage your weight loss goal as it not only ups your caloric intake but also messes with your metabolism, causing you to overeat. And if you are thinking that cutting down your alcohol intake might help, then you are wrong! Because, drinking in moderation also make your ditch your diet and indulge in unhealthy and junk food, causing you to put on weight. Wondering how to say no to a drink at a party? Here are 7 ways to turn down alcohol.

Did you know that a pint of beer (330ml) has 104 calories whereas 120ml of red wine has 89 calories? And if you are of the belief that red wine, which is rich in antioxidants, can help you to shed weight, then it is not true. Kris Gethin, celebrity fitness trainer, revealed in his book in his book ‘The Bodybuilding.com: Guide to Your Best Body’ that red wine, which is loaded with antioxidants has nothing to weight loss. In fact, it has calories, which only fuel the fat deposits around the waist and not aid in powering your workout. Moreover, drinking alcohol only ups the production of cortical, which promotes weight gain rather than aiding in weight loss. Hence, replace alcohol with these 15 weight loss drinks that take you from flab to fit!

A 1999 study [1] on dietary approaches to reducing body weight revealed that a low-fat doesn’t influence weight loss, but intake of alcohol can lead to weight gain. The study proved that alcohol is not only poorly satiating, which increases your appetite. This is the reason you end you eating more to curb your hunger pangs after having a drink. The study also showed that excessive alcohol intake could replace fat in the oxidative process, thereby increasing your risk of weight gain and obesity.  Moreover, when you drink alcohol, your body starts to use calories from alcohol, instead of fat, thereby causing a build-up of fat in the body, hindering weight loss.

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