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Weight Loss Programs Hitlist

8/19 16:23:14

If you want to lose weight you need to burn more calories and/or consume less food. This basic arithmetic is helped by engaging in some forms of physical activities that burn more calories and by improving your diet by eating healthier foods that contain fewer calories.

Some find that keeping a journal helps them keep track of the calorie count from day to day as well as see the progress they are making. By having an attainable goal and making yourself stick to the rules you'll see results sooner. Clothes will fit better and your decrease in weight will prove it.

Drinking water before every meal helps. Adding a slice of lemon or lime in can add a spark. The idea behind this is that the water will help fill your tummy and with a full stomach you'll tend to eat less. It also helps flush your kidneys from toxins and replenish you fluid supply.

It's also important to get a normal amount of sleep. Studies show that when people don't get their 7 or 8 hours rest they produce a hormone that tells the brain more food is needed. They especially crave sweets and starchy foodstuff which is not a good thing for a weight watcher.

Another important consideration is tricking the brain with vegetables, fruits and grains that are rich in fiber and of course, drinking plenty of water. It signals your brain that your filling up faster than had you not eaten these type of foods.

Most people love to go out to eat so you need to be on guard. You need to avoid the soup and order the salad. Stay away from the bread and snacks that are offered. If you are going to drink alcohol, limit yourself to 1 or 2 drinks.

Bestselling author Dr.Arthur Agatston, author of The South Beach Diet tells us to avoid bad carbs and bad fats. The bad stuff is generally white. He says to pass up white bread, white sugar, white pasta, potatoes, white rice and most any foodstuff that looks white.

Exercise is an excellent way to lose and maintain you weight loss program. Consider Joining a gym as a good way to get your exercise in and the peer pressure forces you to exercise. If not a gym, do some other physical activity you enjoy and can consistently fit into your lifestyle.

There are other obvious ways that you can exercise by, for instance, taking advantage of the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Staying active during the day, taking walks at lunch or coffee breaks increases your metabolism which in turn burns more calories.

By far, our choice weight program is the Wu-Yi diet. It will simply begin a weight loss cycle that will start inches go away. 1.) Before eating breakfast, drink the Wu-Yi tea. Breakfast needs to be your largest meal. 2.) Drink a second cup before having dinner and don't eat anything after 8 PM.

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