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7 Day Vegetarian Diet Plan

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Resisting the urge to gorge on your favorite snacks and greasy meals is no easy task, I can tell you that, but when you commit to getting not just your health but your life back on track, then you can do wonders when you use the power of self-control. There are so many diets out there that promise to get you lean and looking great in months, weeks or even a day or two, but there's always some kind of glitch in each diet plan.

Without the important dietary supplements that the body needs, no diet is ever worth taking up. Remember also that without exercise you cannot lose weight as fast as you are hoping to. The idea of exercising and living an active lifestyle is to rev up that metabolism of yours that needs constant fueling, not just from what you eat, but from your level of activity as well, in order to do its job - burn calories.

To switch to an all vegetarian diet is not a hard thought to conceive, being a vegetarian convert myself, although I do go back to non-vegetarian eats when the weekend rolls in. It is not easy at first to stick to a diet with all vegetarian edibles, especially if you're a meat lover and have been used to it for most of your life. Give yourself some time to try out the 7 day vegetarian diet, and notice how you feel better, energized, less lethargic and lighter on your feet.

How to Begin the 7 Day Vegetarian Diet

The following table will serve as a guide on how to spread out your meals in a day, and how to balance each important meal with a snack period that will keep your metabolism running all day. Couple this diet with brisk walking for at least 30 minutes everyday, either early in the morning before you start your morning, or at the end of your day when you're done with your work and chores. Below the table you'll find a list of alternatives that you can substitute your meals with during the 7 day vegetable detox diet period, which you can mix about in the course of the week to keep things interesting and fun while on the regimen.

Diet Chart Breakfast Start your day off with a bowl of oatmeal, coupled with berries of your choice. Avoid sweeteners of any kind, and anything that says 'sugarless', or 'sugar-free'.
With your oatmeal, have a medium-sized glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Have a juicer on hand since this can be a very important piece of technology in giving you an all healthy, made from scratch fruit juice in its natural form. Snack Time/Lunch Two hours after breakfast have a bowl of assorted nuts (unsalted) and seeds. A single serving should contain only a handful of these. Mix together in your nut and seed ensemble some walnuts, peanuts, almonds and pine seeds.
An hour later, get yourself ready to eat your lunch spread which should contain a flavorful salad of boiled sprouts, baby tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, seedless black/green olives, olive oil (as your dressing, avoid any other form of salad dressing available commercially), a dollop of non fat yogurt and a good helping of chives. Drizzle with lemon juice and you're good to go. Snack Time/Evening Meal Two hours after lunch, drink a cup of green tea which is an exceptional detox drink to cleanse the system; it burns calories too. Have this with two unsalted crackers coupled with non fat butter.
End your evening meal at 7:30 pm and avoid anything, even water post this time. You can have a vegetable broth, dumping into this any kind of vegetable you'd like and letting it saturate the water with its oils and nutrients before you drain and consume the leftover soup. Crush atop this some toast cubes and end your meal with another glass of green tea with a hint of lemon juice.
Food Alternatives for Each Meal

Refer to this list of foods that you can substitute each meal's items with to keep your palate experimenting with the best there is in the vegetarian world. Refer to this fruit and vegetable diet plan for more pointers on how to work out this diet plan into your lifestyle.

Breakfast Alternatives
  1. Two boiled eggs with two slices of brown bread + medium-sized glass of non fat/skimmed milk (warm)
  2. Fruit salad (quarter plate sized portion; avoid bananas/sapodillas) + medium-sized glass of freshly made watermelon juice
  3. Omelet with mushrooms and bell peppers (using olive oil only) with two slices of toasted brown bread + medium-sized cup of black coffee (plain)
Snack Alternatives
  1. A handful of olives
  2. A cup of plain black tea
  3. An apple and cucumber
  4. Five strawberries (chopped and garnished with mint)
  5. A handful of cherries
  6. A handful of sunflower seeds
  7. A slice of brown bread with non fat cream cheese
  8. A cup of green tea with mint and a squeeze of lemon juice
Lunch Alternatives
  1. Fried tofu (olive oil) with sautéed veggies
  2. Lentil soup with mushrooms
  3. Veggie casserole (quarter plate serving size only)
  4. Baked beans with brown pita bread
  5. Three dollops of hummus with toasted brown pita bread
  6. Egg roll with herbs, spices and minced soy
  7. Toasted cottage cheese coupled with a classic Russian salad
  8. Quarter plate full of brown rice and legume rich gravy
Evening Meal Alternatives
  1. Mini fruit salad with grapes and sliced apple
  2. Veggie/fruit based smoothie (using non fat add-ons)
  3. Unsalted crackers (3) with non fat butter
  4. Cream of mushroom soup/tomato soup/corn soup/assorted veggie soup
  5. Non fat fruit yogurt
  6. A tall glass of organic fruit juice
  7. Granola bar
  8. Three tablespoons worth of guacamole coupled with non fat tortillas
The diet isn't a hard one to follow where over time you will get used to it and definitely notice a change in your overall state. It helps bring the system back on track when it has deviated from its normal course, making you rely on important elements like fiber and rich sources of antioxidants to boost your system back to life. Live healthy, stay healthy.
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