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Low-calorie Vegetables and Fruits

8/20 16:59:09
Losing weight is one of the most important and discussed topics among people. Everywhere you go, advertisements in magazines, television, and radio keep telling us how we should be slim and lose weight. But losing weight isn't the main issue here, losing quickly is what triggers everyone. You talk to your friends, family, or co-workers about what and how you can possibly lose a chunk of weight in very limited time. However, in this process, we tend to forget that losing weight or few extra pounds isn't magic and it does require some amount of time and dedication. Exercise on a regular basis, eating healthy, which means avoiding all the junk foods and sodas you can get your hands on, and balancing your work and home life to nullify stress.

One of the most popular weight loss technique is consumption of fresh fruits and vegetable diet. The diet does boost quick weight loss, however, without thorough knowledge and guidance, the results might make you gain weight. This means that by eating wrong foods, thinking they are low calorie foods, you could be taking in more calories than actually burning them.

* The calorie content mentioned below are as per 100 grams. The exact calorie intake per individual may vary.

Vegetables ~ 100 g
Asparagus ~ 26Aubergine ~ 15Beetroot ~ 38Broccoli ~ 32Brussels Sprouts ~ 40Cabbage ~ 24Carrot ~ 32Cauliflower ~ 32Celery ~ 8Chicory ~ 10Cucumber ~ 10Fennel ~ 13Gherkins ~ 15Gourd ~ 12Leek ~ 22Lettuce ~ 13Aduki Beans ~ 120Bean Sprouts ~ 30Black-eyed Beans ~ 115Chickpeas ~ 120Casava ~ 142Green Beans ~ 25Soya Beans ~ 140Red Kidney Beans ~ 100Marrow ~ 10Mushroom ~ 15Okra ~ 30Onion ~ 35Onion Sprig ~ 23Parsnip ~ 60Bell Peppers ~ 18Potato ~ 70Pumpkin ~ 12Radish ~ 13Spinach ~ 23Sprouts ~ 43Swede ~ 22Sweet Corn ~ 24Tomatoes ~ 18Tomatoes-Cherry ~ 17Turnips ~ 21Watercress ~ 21Zucchini ~ 20
Fruits ~ 100 g
Apple ~ 44Apple (cooked) ~ 35Apricot ~ 30Avocado ~ 150Banana ~ 107Blackberry (each) ~ 1Blackcurrant (each) ~ 1.1Blueberries ~ 49Cherry (each) ~ 2.4Clementine ~ 24Currants ~ 5Damson ~ 28Date ~ 100Sweetened Dates ~ 250Figs ~ 10Gooseberries ~ 2.6Seedless Grapes ~ 50Grapefruit (whole) ~ 100Guava ~ 24Kiwi ~ 34Lemon ~ 20Lychees (each) ~ 3Mango ~ 40Honeydew ~ 28Canteloupe ~ 25Nectarines ~ 42Olives ~ 6.8Orange ~ 35Papaya ~ 335Passion Fruit ~ 30Paw Paw ~ 28Peach ~ 35Pear ~ 45Pineapple ~ 50Plum ~ 25Prunes ~ 9Raisins ~ 5Raspberry (each) ~ 1.1Rhubarb ~ 8Satsumas ~ 35Strawberry (each) ~ 2.7Tangerine ~ 26
Eating fresh, low-calorie foods will help you curb the temptations of having junk foods and sweets. Another hint to avoid eating too many sweets is to consume frozen fruits. You can enjoy them for a longer time and they take a while to digest as well, burning more calories.
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