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Very Low Calorie Diet

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A very low calorie diet (VLCD) is a supervised diet that is overseen by a nutritionist or doctor. Those who are obese or have a BMI index that exceeds 30, are in dire need for a VLCD. The dieters are instructed to follow a strict program of eating foods that are low in fat, and contain a small amount of calories but are nonetheless, healthy to consume on a daily basis. There are counseling sessions and group therapies conducted for patients to help them progress through the diet, building upon their confidence to move forward. There has been no talk of exercise in this diet plan, but coupled with activity the low calorie diet could work wonders for those who need it most. Along with a planned diet of what can be eaten, there are formulas prepared by companies to fuel the weight loss for those who are extremely obese.

The shakes or nutrition bars can be consumed daily without food or drink included in the diet. To be able to make such a drastic shift in diet, I hope that it is understood why supervision comes into play. These aren't meal replacements options we're talking about, but special low calorie diet formulas made for the public to fulfill major weight loss needs. Patients have been known to witness a change on the weighing scale of about 3 to 5 pounds less in a week, where over the course of 12 weeks it should ideally be 36 - 60 pounds less depending on the rate of metabolism.

How to Follow a Very Low Calorie Diet

The diet has a strict following when it comes to what can be eaten and what has to be thrown out the window without so much as a second thought. The known side effects that patients will notice when they begin the diet are nausea, fatigue, diarrhea and even constipation. These symptoms will pass as you move further into the diet plan, where the formation of gallstones needs to taken up with your doctor pronto, being the most major of all side effects. Medication can help with this problem, so consulting one about this issue is imperative. Here's how the diet is designed.

Morning Meal
Breakfast consists of eating bread which is either sprouted wheat or sprouted bread. You are also free to consume Ezekiel bread, like cinnamon raisin or English muffins that are made strictly using Ezekiel style ingredients. Anything that is sprouted from lentils to barley and millets, is a-OK to consume. This can be coupled with.

Green tea / ordinary tea / coffee (using one teaspoon of milk only with sugar substitutes like saccharine and stevia)
Fruits that fall under the berry category and otherwise, should be consumed more than veggies
Lemon juice with water after breakfast and every other meal

Afternoon / Evening Meal
Lunch consists of only one kind of vegetable per day, and consuming more fruit than these on an everyday basis. Meats should be consumed only 100g at a time, using olive oil and eliminating foreign oils and add-ons. Herbs and spices are allowed, with only a small pinch of salt to give it a slight flavoring. Fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oil and anything with gluten is strictly prohibited in the diet plan. Lunch and dinner consists of grilled protein-rich meats, in individual portions within the last two meals of the day. These meats can be eaten as part of the diet.

Beef (extra lean)
Pork (extra lean)
White fish

Munchies are an important part of any diet plan whether they are solids / liquids - these keep the system's metabolism running throughout the day. Here are the snacks that are allowed on the diet.

Gingerbread (baked)
Non-fat popcorn (without add-ons / salt)
Green / passionflower tea
Salt-free snacks

Very Low Calorie Diet Benefits

The low calorie diet plan will help those going through a lot of difficulties in losing weight. It is also important to get guidance from a doctor on how to slowly increase food intake once the desired weight loss is achieved. Let's take a look at the benefits that come into the picture once you follow through with the diet.

Rapid weight loss
Decrease in cholesterol levels
Shedding of unwanted fat in certain body areas
Food cravings diminish
Eating healthy becomes an everyday mission
Whole family partakes in healthy eating habits
Body takes on a healthier state of being from illnesses
Portion control is best exercised

Remember to go to a nutritionist or doctor before you take on this diet. It is only meant for those who absolutely need to go on a 1,000 calorie or less diet, which this one wholly entails. This is only recommended for those who have weight issues and health problems that are linked to unhealthy eating habits. Have a healthy tomorrow.
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