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Low Calorie Food List

8/20 16:58:38
An often followed or advised general guideline is to lose 1lb/week. 1 lb is approximately equal to 3,500 calories. If you are not obese or overweight, and just want to maintain your current weight, adjust your diet such that your daily intake stays to around 2,000 calories. Of course, the calorie intake and diet requirements will need alterations according to your body's daily energy expenditure and the amount of hard manual labor you put in, apart from any physical exercise.

Let's simplify this: In common parlance, a calorie is a measure of the amount of energy present in a particular food. The calories we consume through food are more than what our daily activities require. Hence, we overfill our bodies. Our body does not waste these excessive calories, instead, it stores them by converting them from food to fat. In order to burn this unsightly storage of fat, we need to reverse the process. We need to consume less than we need to fuel our daily processes, and force the body to use the available fat storage as the energy source of the body. And to reduce calorie consumption, we need to focus on light food items.

Food Item Calories/100 gm Food Item Calories/100 gm Celery 11 Green Chillies 11 Watercress 12 Cucumber 12 Radish 16 Oyster Mushrooms 16 Zucchini 17 Tomatoes (Red/Orange) 18 Swiss Radicchio 20 Crimini Mushrooms 20 Rhubarb 22 Rocket Arugula 22 Pumpkin 22 Asparagus 23 Yellow Squash 23 Bell Peppers 24 White Button Mushrooms 24 Cabbage/Bok Choy 25 Tomatoes (Green/Yellow) 25 Shiitake Mushrooms 25 Eggplant 25 Cauliflower 25 Portobello Mushrooms 25 Mustard Greens 28 Broccoli 30 Brussels Sprouts 30 Parsley 30 Boiled Green Beans 31 Peach 31 Water Chestnuts 31 Okra 31 Strawberries 32 Turnip/Turnip Greens 33 Winter Squash 33 Honeydew Melon 34 Tangerine 34 Pear 35 Cantaloupe 35 Mixed Berries 37 Papaya 39 Turban Squash 40 Pea Pods 41 Acorn Squash 42 Bitter Gourd 44 Egg Whites 44 Oranges 45 Carrots 45 Grapefruit 48 Boysenberries 49 Seaweed 50 Kale 51 Oat Porridge 55 Apple 57 Apricots 57 Butternut Squash 58 Kiwi 60 Pineapples 60 Passion Fruit 60 Pearl Onions 60 Pomegranate 63 Plums 64 Boiled Potatoes 70 Lentils 70 Parsnips 70 Mangoes 70 Cherries 70 Figs 74 Lotus Stem 74 Cranberries 76 Green Onions 78 Corn Kernels 78 Scallops 79 Bananas 90 Lemon Grass 91 Boiled Macaroni 95 Yam 95 Sliced Lean Ham 96 Baked Sweet Potatoes 96 Shrimp 99 Grilled Fish 100 Lobster 103 Canned Prunes 106 Cottage Cheese 118 Fava Beans 122 Brown Rice 128 Grilled Chicken Breast 131 Noodles 134 Lean Canadian Bacon 134 White Rice 140 Ground Turkey 140 Tofu 148 Poached Fish 148 Fried Fish 149 Chicken Dumplings 150
Food Item Calories/100 ml Food Item Calories/100 ml Fat-free Skim Milk 90 Lemon Juice 61 Orange Juice 47 Apple Juice 48 Cranberry Juice 38 Grapefruit Juice 38 Coconut Water 19 Drinking Water 1
Try including these food items in your diet to lower calorie consumption, and thus, augment weight loss.
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