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8/17 9:27:35

Hi Mark,
Could you explain to me what sweetener is better for me, 搕he human body? assuming no health problems and no allergies?  I'll use the coffee shop for an analogy.
What is better, blue- equal, yellow -sugar twin, pink -sweet and low, white- regular sugar, or brown- natural sugar?
Thank you,

Hello Randy,
This is Mark. A while back on allexperts.com you asked me a question. I'm just doing a follow up to see how you are? I also wanted to inform you that I just started an email newsletter related to nutrition and exercise. It will keep you up to date on shocking nutritional information and give you ideas of new exercises. If you'd like to join this FREE newsletter just email me at markshields@verizon.net .

To Your Success!
Mark Shields
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