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Teen weightloss

8/17 9:27:33

Hi I'm a 14 year old Female and I'm about 5'0 125 lbs when i wear clother my stomach sticks out and my thighs are huge! I dont want to starve myself or anything so I was wondering can you give me any tips on how to lose weight in my stomach and thighs? By summer which is a good 4 months away. I know I'm only 14 but I havent felt good about myself and beenable to go to pool parties or wear a bikini since I was like 8 years old. So any advice at all?

Brandy, first of all four months is enough time to lose maybe 20 pounds.  It takes TIME to lose weight.  I'm going to try to make it simple for you.  Devide your plate into four pizza slices.  Put a protein like meat, about the size of your palm in one spot.  Put a starch like potatoes, bread, or rice in one spot. About a handful size.  Put a veggie in one spot(handful size), and in the last one put either a fruit, or another veggie.(handful size)  This will assist in portion control.  You MUST eat right if you want to lose weight and be healthy.  You can have a snack between breakfast and lunch, and a snack between lunch and dinner.  Make those a handful of nuts, or an apple, or something like that.  DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!  Water detoxifies our bodies and hydrates us.  I drink water 96% of the time.  I know you're probably not going to like this one, but DUMP SUGAR.  I lost an immediate 20 pounds when I stopped using sugar.  I was a water hater.  I drank iced sweet tea all the time, but I "tricked" myself into drinking water by keeping COLD bottled water in the fridge at all times.  It takes a couple of weeks to kick the sugar habit, but guess what?  Once you do, you'll find you PREFER water or non-sugared foods after that.  I can sit down with a diet coke right now, and I MIGHT get through 1/3 to 1/2 of the can, if I'm lucky.  You'll be suprised at how much more energy you have without all that sugary poison in your body too.  Last, but not least....here's the truth, there's NO pill that will keep the weight off forever.  You MUST move your buns if you want them to get smaller.  Swimming, walking, hiking, biking, Pilates (you can get a Pilates for Dummies tape at Target for $6 and it's fun), punching a boxing bag, rollerblading, anything that moves your rear will help you lose weight, and you need to do it at least four to five days a week.  Dance in your room to some fast music for 30 minutes...that'll do it too!  Enlist someone who will help you stay on track and encourage you.  It always helps to have a buddy.  DUMP all the junk food.  I'm not saying you can't have pizza once in a while, or chips, but make it VERY rarely.  Come on, Brandi, I know you can do this!  Don't worry about targeting your thighs or stomach right now.  When you start losing weight, it may come off there naturally.  You might see a doctor and get some medical advice as well.  I'm no doctor and don't claim to be, but these things will help you lose weight.  At your age, it might be better, though, to have the help of a nutritionist as well.  Hope I've helped.
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