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Those last 6-8 pounds

8/17 9:27:32

Over the course of about three years, I've lost about 25 pounds through sensible diet and daily  exercise.  And at times I seem to reach a plateau where the pounds stubbornly stay with me.  This plateau seems particularly difficult.  I seem to be stuck at around 180 pounds at 5'10", but I'm looking to get down to around 172-6.  Is there some sort of safe trick to start me on this drop?

First, if you're working out regularly and are more than 'average' in musculature, the weight is muscle and to lose it, you'd have to break it down (decrease activities). Many especially muscular men (Arnold Schwartzenhaeger, Sly Stallone, etc) are officially "overweight" according to charts; however, obviously, they are not fat!  One doesn't have to have this much muscle either.  Bruce Willis, even Tom Cruise and so on, are high on the BMI index, but not overweight.
Second, you may be eating too little!  Many people's idea of "sensible" is actually not enough calories and the body responds with a biological instinct reaction to famine or starvation (which is to create fat stores at any cost, even if breaking down muscle and organ tissue to convert!). Try to increase intake of whole grains (yes, this is CARBS, for heaven's sake, do not buy into the latest assault to the human body in 'low carb' nonsense), legumes (nuts, beans and this includes peanut butter!) and increase water intake by at least half of what might be usual for you.

Be careful about asking for 'safe tricks' - depending on who you ask, you are very likely to get LOTS of answers, offering you all sorts of solutions, probably at a cost.  I can almost guarentee that ALL of them will be complete scams.

Check my site for honest health and diet information, how to spot the frauds and scams and not be taken.
Nothing is for sale, there's no signing in, no ulterior motives.  And no quacks allowed.

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