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Do vegis make me more hungry ?

8/17 9:27:25

Dear Mr. Russell .
Please allow me first to thank you for your concern to reply in the first place . Concerning my case , I haven't been diagnosed to be hypoglycemic , although all the signs shows it . My main question to you was that I am under the beleive that when eating vegetables a person  becomes  more hungry becuase they consume more calories to be digested more than they give calories to the body . Is this true or not ?

Kind Regards :)))

Followup To
Question -
Hi ,
My name is Nagla , I am a 33 years old female . All my life I've been suffering form obesity . All my life I've been trying tp lose weight with very little sucess . I am 240 lb/120 kgms .
I've learned earlier that bad nutritional habits has caused me to be hypoglycemic which causes physcological and mental disorder . For that reason , I was adviced to eat vegis and fruits as much as possible . The problem is that not only I don't like how fresh vegis taste but I am under the beleive that if I eat vegis and fruits I become more hungry , I simply calculate it this way: an apple conatins for ex. 50 cals but needs 150 cals for example to be digested , so I must feel more hungry afterwards , the same with vegis only they give lower calories and need more calories to be digested . Is this true ? or I am just driving myself away from completeing a diet . My worse part in a diet is the pain of hunger , when I am told to eat vegis , I say to myself it can make me more hungry .
I need your advice .
P.S. I am considering now to follow the Atkins diet which is low in carbs , is it ok for my hypoglycemic case ?

Thank you for your time .
Kind Regards
Answer -
Hi Nagla,

I do not like to send the pattern "this is beyond my expertise" answer, even though your question is way to complicated and way over my head. As you have a diagnosed medical condition, a non-medical professional such as myself would never feel comfortable advising you about the medical complications involved in dieting. I firmly suggest that you consult a local physician with expertise in nutrition to assist you with developing a weight loss program. Only after a thorough physical could anyone advise you as to what effect any diet would have on your health.

Good luck,

Terence A. Russell

Hi again Nagla,

I do not believe that to be the case. In my experience, hunger is caused mostly by an empty stomach. I have eaten popcorn as a staple on many occasions when I was both impoverished to a certain extent and needed something cheap to fill my stomach. Popcorn has very little nutritional value of any kind, and yet, I could cheaply fill my stomach with such and curb my hunger. And, I do know that popcorn is extremely hard to digest.

As such, it is my belief that your theory that because vegetables presumably require more calories to digest than they provide is false. If the body requires more calories than is provided through daily intake, it will begin to consume stored fat. That is the premise behind dieting, to consume fewer calories than is required to sustain the body's daily activity. Exercise increases the amount needed on a daily basis also.

As to your Atkin's diet question, I believe my previous answer still applies. However, as I told a previous questioner, if I learned nothing else from my wife's untimely death from complications of anorexia at age 33, it is that no matter what youeat, you will live longer than if you don't eat.

Good luck,

Terence A. Russell
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