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eating junk

8/17 9:26:51

Hi, I hope I'm asking the right person about this, I'm not sure where this question should be directed. Sorry if this is too long.

I have a question about if your body can convert to using junk food better/or ag sood as than regular food as long as protein and carb needs are met. Since I was 14 I have been lifting weights (25 now), the past 3 years I have been doing it very consistantly 3-5 times per week, every week. I weight 180 and 20% body fat. My first question is, is 20% bodyfat healthy, I don't believe all the bodybuilding magazines about how you should aim for 6% etc, but is 20% too high?.
2nd, due to my lack of nutritional knowledge at 14 I use to goto the weight room for an hour then a bit of a swim, then goto the store and eat like 3-4 candy bars and a few packets of chips with some whole milk, all through my younger years I ate like this. the past 3 years I have been learning about nutrition and putting it into practice, eating proper carbs, not alot of suger, veg, eating very clean. I want to add muscle so I have been tracking calories and Protein/carb/fat grams as well as my weight and bf%, experimenting with calorie amouts etc. but I have noticed when I do this my bf% goes up or stays the same and my weight goes down. when I get frustrated I take a break and go back to eating what I want, candy, whole milk, energy drinks, and I end up losing a little body fat and adding a couple of lbs.
How is this possible, have I ruined my mataboism in my younger years?
Thank you, John

Hi John,

20% is at the high end.  I would recommend 15%.  The junk food is providing the protein and carbs but what you are missing is vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.  So it's not the same.  I believe what you are encountering is a calorie issue.  You're probably not getting enough when you don't eat the junk food.  Visit www.toolsforlife.cc to determine your requirements and let me know any other questions.

Terry Linde C.S.C.S.
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