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8/17 9:26:27

What is the real deal with this Herbalife diet? Is it a scam, or does it work? Where can I read some non-biased information?

Hello Jason,
I would be skeptical of anything promoted as a diet, since diets most of the time are just calorie deprivation disguised. I don't have any particular knowledge on herbalife's diet, however their practices in the past make me skeptical. They used to make "fat" burners, and may still, which just waste your money while sacrificing your health.
I quickly checked their site to see the specifics, and I notice they reference the GI Index, which was originally designed for diabetics. Certain carbs break down faster than others. The higher the GI the faster the carb breaks down thus it can cause an insulin spike. However, the GI index doesn't take into account eating a lean protein along with a complex carbs. The values are based on eating for example a potato by itself, not many people I know eat a potato by itself, so the table is pretty useless in my opinion. It also shows that some things like certain candies have a lower GI value than rice for example. So, does that mean one should eat a snickers bar over brown rice, absolutely not.
I'm going to provide a few articles for you that should give you a better understanding of nutrition and what needs to be done for positive physical change.


If you have any further questions feel free to email me fitness4lifemark@yahoo.com
-Mark Shields
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