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Stomach Stapling

8/17 9:26:16

My husband and I have been watching television stories about
stomach stapling. Neither of us is overweight, but we had a
question about it that we have not seen answered.

After the surgery, and when your weight is to your goal weight,
how do you maintain your goal weight. I mean, if your stomach
is so tiny, how can you not keep losing weight?

Thanks in advance,

Excellent question - I wish more people would ask!

The stomach doesn't stay small.  It's an amazing, elastic, adjustable organ.  Many people who have had stapling or other similar surgeries to reduce stomach size, initially lose weight because of the limited space; however, many people also REGAIN a good portion of the weight they lose (and some have been known to regain it all, plus more) as the stomach stretches.
It is a hope that the year or so they spend on limited food amounts will re-train their eating habits.  Often, ongoing psychological counseling is offered, provided and/or insisted on as part of this procedure to treat the emotional reasons behind much overeating.

The human body is remarkable.  There is little that can be done to it that it can't or won't 'adjust' to.  We can lose the majority of our liver and the remaining piece will re-grow to just about full size and function.  While this is the only INTERNAL organ that actually regenerates by definition, the skin (the largest organ overall) is pretty obviously flexible as well.  It shouldn't surprise many to find that the stomach will find a way to recover from what we do it.

Hope this helps.  


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