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Foods and Cholesterol

8/17 9:26:05

I am on a cholesterol lowering food plan ie veggies, fruit, fish and chicken. My questions:

1. I have been eating Boston Bluefish..my favorite..but a friend told me yesterday that this is one of the only fish products that is VERY high in cholesterol. Would you know if this is true?

2. For breakfast I have been having 2 slices of 100% whole wheat bread and a thin slice of "no fat" mozzarella cheese. The nutrition info says it is 0.2g of fat. Is this ok?

Thank you so much for any help.....Jackie


Saturated fat in our diet increases our cholesterol levels more than the cholesterol we eat.  Limiting saturated fats should more of a focus.

However, the guidelines still suggest that we limit our dietary cholesterol (cholesterol we eat) to no more than 300 mg a day (under 200 mg for people with heart disease).

Here are some examples of dietary cholesterol in foods:
For 3 ounces -
Eggs - 300 mg
Shrimp - 166 mg
Chicken - 72 mg
Bluefish - 65 mg
Salmon - 53 mg

Bluefish looks pretty good to me.  Bon appetite!

We cannot say if a particular food is good or bad.  We must look at the entire diet before judgement can be made.  If your diet is really good, a pat of butter on your toast could be fine.  The mozzarella you talk of is virtually "no fat".  For cheese that is wonderful!

I hope this helps.

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