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Weight loss & exercising

8/17 9:25:52

I have been in weight watchers since January and have only lost 7lbs and I  joined a gym in February. Even though I have not lost much weight with weight watchers I am down a dress size and notice a a big difference in my shape and body. But I am going to weight watchers and don't really seem to getting anywhere can you explain this to me or can you recommend what I could do to lose weight as well as tone up?
Thank you for your help.

The change in dress size but not weight probably has a lot to do with replacing fat with muscle.  Muscle is denser (i.e. heavier but more compact) than fat.  You slim down, but don't see a big change in your weight.

The scale isn't the only thing you should use to track your success.  Some would argue that you shouldn't weigh yourself at all, but only track the change in your clothing.

Sound like you've made some good headway in 4 months.  Don't be discouraged from the seemingly small amount of weight loss.  You are still better off than you were in December, and I would imagine you feel a lot better about yourself.

Keep up the good work.  
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