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weight loss after DVT

8/17 9:25:51

My husband is 56 years old, 5 ft. 9 in., 198 lbs. He had a radical prostetectomy in October, 2003 from which is is recovering very well. He had a blood clot in February 2004, is now on 10 mg. of Coumindin daily, and wears compression socks daily. He needs to lose weight, but his calf and ankle swell after being on his feet over three hours. He now has to watch his intake of
Vitamin K foods. He is allergic to lettuce and cucumbers. He does not like mayonnaise in any food nor raw tomatoes. How should he go about losing weight? He eats lots of fruit and popcorn.

Because your husband has some health problems your best bet is to find a dietitian in your area that can help him one-on-one with weight loss.  That way he/she could work with him on his health problems in addition to weight loss.  You can check www.eatright.org and go to the "Find a Dietitian" area. You can also ask his doctor to refer him to a dietitian.
Kim Tessmer, RD LD
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