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hey hey

8/17 9:25:44

i am a teenage girl and im really trying to lose weight...i asked around about eating way less and i learned that its better to just eat healthy food but not less...do u agree wiht that?

also i heard 2 opposite things from people..one said that fruit is actually not taht good becasue of all the natural suger but then someone else said eat as much fruit as u want..when i say fruit i mean like raw pears and that sort of fruit...

also i was wondering wat foods are food that i can eat and not worry about it causeing me to gain a lot of weight..if you could give specific examples i would greatly greatly appreciate it!

thanks soo much

Hi Gracie,

Yes, quality takes care of quantity. Your body can tell you what it needs if you give it a chance - go for real food, not flavored packing material.

Eat all the raw fuit, raw or lightly cooked non-starchy vegetables you want. Snack on RAW nuts. Avoid refined sugar, refined flour. See http://www.premiumfuel.com for more info.

Good Health,
Susan Lee
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