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Garbanzo Beans and Angel Food cake

8/17 9:25:42

Hi Kimberly,
I have several good recipes that call for Garbanzo beans, but I do not like their taste/texture very well. Are there any other beans that would be good substitutes for Garbanzos?
Also, I have high triglycerides/cholesterol and eat quite a bit of Angel Food cake everyday with blackberries or strawberries. Although the cake is low in fat, I fear I may be getting too much sugar in the cake itself. Is there a way I could make the Angel Food cake without the sugar, and jsut add a little Stevia extract? All the mixes in the stores I've seen have sugar added.
Mike Eidson, LAc.  

That would really depend on the recipe itself and what else is in the recipe and what would go with those other ingredients.  There are all kinds of beans that you could choose from.  You may have to experiment with different beans in your recipes.  There are kidney beans, chickpeas or garbanzo beans, broad beans navy or great northern beans, split peas, fava beans, lentils, black beans,
cranberry beans, blackeye peas or cowpeas, soybeans, and  red beans.
Maybe a few of these sites will help you out:

Here is a recipe for angel food cake you can try that is lower in sugar and fat than others:
If you notice at the bottom it says you can use Splenda as a substitute, which I have heard works quite well in most recipes.  
Here is another recipe:

I have not tried either of these so not sure of their taste!
Good Luck,
Kim Tessmer, RD LD

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