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Dieting Questions

8/17 9:25:41

Hello, my name is Julia Edge and I'm doing a school project on whatever I want, and I chose dieting. If you could, please answer these questions.

1.  Are there certain times in the day you should exercise, or can you exercise anytime in the day?

2.  If there are certain times in the day, then when should you?

3.  What kinds of foods/nutrients should you avoid?

4.  Are there any types of foods/nutrients that will help burn fat?

5.  If so, then what?

6.  What exercise is the best for losing weight?

7.  Is it dangerous to lose a lot of weight quickly?

8.  Is there a limit of how much you should exercise?

9.  Which is more effective: eating healthy or exercising a lot?

10. How many days in a week should you exercise?

1. ANY time is just as good as any other time.  Some studies show very, very slight, insigificant differences if the right circumstances exist, but they are usually inconsistent studies.  Exercise is important - doesn't matter when.
2. It's best to do some activities every morning - to jump start and improve circulation, muscle tone and even brain functions with more oxygen to the system.  Later in the day will contribute to a more sound night's sleep (however, even early morning exercise tends to contribute to a better night's sleep).
3. Animal fats are never good.  The Atkins diet and other low carb plans are going to prove (as they have for the last several decades) to be just as useless as the previous "low fat" diets.  It's all just HYPE and SALES.
4. Absolutely NOT.
5. NONE.
6. ANY exercise will improve muscle tone, if not build muscle.  The more muscle and muscle tone, the higher the metabolism to support it.  The first thing used to supply this energy is fat that 's already stored  and carbs (yes, CARBS) that are eaten.  So, just taking a 15 minute walk, even ONCE a day, is a GOOD thing.  If it's a speedy walk where heart rate goes up for no less than 10 of those 15 minutes - it's even better!
7. It depends on HOW the weight is lost.  By starvation or gimmicks, it can mess up electrolytes and other blood chemistries, contribute to dehydration or excessive hydration and yes, could be dangerous (mainly to heart function).
8.  If it becomes an obsession and interferes in one's life, it's too much.  Yes, people can become addicted to exercise.  The most usual complications are psychological, the body (physical) complications are dependent on what is being done, how much and the individual.
9. Eating healthy by itself is absolutely necessary to living.  However, without SOME exercise, can be rendered moot.  BOTH are essential. Not just to a controlled weight, but life. Eating right is slightly more important.
10.  One.  Seven.  It's not so much how many days a week, but how much time a week is dedicated to it. It's BEST to at least 15 minutes of something that gets you moving and increases heart rate, every day.  It's also ok if you invest 30 minutes every-other day, or even spend a few hours every weekend.  You know it's 'good enough' if you don't get winded briskly climbing stairs or walking a mile in under 17 minutes.

Check my site for more reliable information about health, diet and even eating disorders that occur.  It's all free, no signing in, no sales, no promotions and no gimmicks.


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