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What diet?

8/17 9:25:39

Dear Kimberly,

I am a 27 year old emotional eater.  I am also a carbo junkie (crave potatoes, rice, breads, etc. but not the sweets).  I have PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease), high blood pressure, and fibromyalgia.

When I was 18 I weighed 111 pounds and was a size three.  After I had my first child I was right back down to 115 lbs and a size 5.  Somehow I seemed to go from a size 5 to a size 12/14 and don't remember getting there.  Now, after a miscarriage and another child, I weigh in at 162 pounds and am knocking on a size 16/18. On a five foot, two inch frame...that's not so pretty.

I simply hate my appearance, and tell myself that I'm going to lose weight, the whole time I'm eating. All of my weight seems to be right in my stomach.  I've even had people mistake me for being pregnant.  I don't over gourge myself to where I'm sick, but I do find myself grazing all the time on unhealthy things.

I tried the low-carb diet, only to find myself cranky and shakey.  I start to eat low fat things, but they are so pricey (I'm going through a divorce and money is beyond tight). I joined Curves for Women and did lose weight, but felt AWFUL physically, and it was later that I found out I have fibro.

What is your suggestion for me?  My mom and I are talking about taking up walking in the evenings.  I want to change my eating habits, but not really diet.  I'm afraid that if I call it a diet then I'll end up quiting, know what I mean?  

Any help would be wonderful.

Overweight and hating it,


Hello Mari,
You definitely need to make some changes and I will tell you straight out you have to be READY!!  Losing weight takes work and you have to really be committed to making some changes and willing to do what it takes!  You don't need to do things like the "low-carb" but you DO need to make some changes in your dietary habits!!  You don't need to "diet".  You just need to make changes to what you are currently doing.  Start by making some small changes like eating at specific times of the day so you don't graze, only eating in the kitchen, drinking water, eating so many servings of starch per day, watching portion sizes.  Those are a few ideas but they really need to be individualized to YOU and they need to be specific!!  The best thing you can do for yourself is WRITE DOWN your goals.  That way you are more committed to them.  Write down goals every week, just two or three and write down what you will do to work on those goals.  Than at the end of the week write down goals you have achieved and make some new ones.  It is all about permanent lifestyle changes!!!!!!!!!  It is about eating healthy most of the time and still having foods you love but in moderation!  It is about being realistic yet healthy!  
Walking is a wonderful idea and having a partner to do it with can really help.  BUT you have to do it and not make excuses why you can't go this night or that night.  BE committed!!  
Another tool is a food diary.  They can be extremely helpful to help you stay on track and to help you see where some of your problem areas are.  I have a free food diary form you can print from my web site at: www.Nutrifocus.net.  There is also a weight management calendar you can print out to keep track of your weight loss and to use for writing down your goals each week.
I DO offer online services and weight loss is my specialty.  If you are interested email me at: kim@nutrifocus.net or check out the web site I gave you!  You may also be interested in my book, "The Everything Nutrition Book", which can be a great educator on just about every nutritional topic.  It is a fun and easy book to read and follow.
Good Luck Mari!  You'll do GREAT!!
Kim Tessmer, RD LD
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