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Amount of Saturated Fats

8/17 9:25:24

Oh I'm good thanks, my saturated fat intake is under 10 grams a day which is good
considering most of my friends saturated fat intake is well over 15 grams daily.


Followup To
Question -

I was wondering how many grams of saturated fat
maximum should be consumed by a 13 year old each day.

Answer -
Hello Rebecca,
This is Mark. A while back on allexperts.com you asked me a question. I'm just doing a
follow up to see how you are? I also wanted to inform you that I just started an email
newsletter related to nutrition and exercise. It will keep you up to date on shocking
nutritional information and give you ideas of new exercises. If you'd like to join this FREE
newsletter just email me at markshields@verizon.net .

To Your Success!
Mark Shields  

Hi Again,
Glad to hear you're doing well with it. I'm surprised people you know are only eat above 15g. Heck, it's hard for me to find people who aren't eating 15g in one meal.
Keep up the hard work, and if you ever have any more questions feel free to ask.

To Your Success!
Mark Shields
email markshields@verizon.net for a FREE nutrition and exercise email newsletter
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