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Trying to drop body fat

8/17 9:25:03

Hello and thank you for your time. I will try to include most of the details I can without clouding everything!
Im 5'5, 26 year old  stay at home mom of 2. I workout 6 days a week-6 days are cardio and 3 days are weight lifting (i do a split for weights). I eat clean-chicken breast, egg whites, egg beaters, natural pb (try to limit to 1 tbs every two days), oat bran, oat meal, cottage cheese-1% milkfat. And one to eat what ever I like (not out of control!). I take calcium,vit c, and a multivitamin-to cover what Im not taking in!
I am currently trying to drop body fat. I got my rmr tested via healtetech's body gem. It read in at 1340. I have a balance log from them as well. I enter in all my food intake and exercise. I can't seem to loose weight/fat. I eat within in my range I was keeping my cals under 1600 on my 6 days of eating clean/healthy-body builder type eating-6 small meals-clean foods. I tried zig zagging my cals. I just can't seem to drop my body fat. Im one of those whom will do too much and eat less. SO, Im looking to see what maybe I need to look for in my diet and training. I do take measurements of my foods-cups/tablespoons/tsp- i do watch portion sizes. And try to focus on proteins to feed my muscles. My split I try to aim for is 40 protein 40 carbs and 20 fat. I was told this is a cutting (body fat) ratio.
Any thing you can guide me with or help me on.I'd really like to hit my goal. In the last 9 weeks (I set my goal-for yesterday) and I didnt hit either of my goals-to be 115 (im 118) and my body fat to be at 15-16% (yes I know its not the normal but Im athletic-so to me that is where i'd like to be) my tanita scale was saying 20% but last week it went up to 21%-what gives?
Stressed out about not hitting my goals. I need some help on this. I belong to a "fitness" online forum, everyone tells me to eat more, and not do so much cardio. The last 2 weeks I have scaled it back-no HIIT and all steady state cardio no more then 35 min a day. keep my weight spilt the same and I also do a yoga/pilates/callanetics for 45-50 min. Thank so much for your time! I really would like to hit my goal and maintain it! Thanks so much for your time!
I know someone told me to eat 1330 and do all the workout stuff I do and I'll loose weight-but Im wondering if my body will hurt from this. I dont want to eat like a bird and work out like a panter and be frail! Is it possible I need to eat right at my rmr or below it to loose weight? And workout on top of it?
I'd like to be tighter and leaner-thanks again!

Hi Brittani,

I believe the Tanita scale is electrical impedance and there is a lot of variance based on you hydration, room temp and humidity.  I'd recommend a different type of test if possible.  It probably is a matter of eating to few of calories.  Visit www.toolsforlife.cc to determine your requirements with your activity and you should be 500 calories less per day than this number.  Let me know any other questions.

Terry Linde C.S.C.S.
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