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sunflower seeds: daily intake...

8/17 9:24:53

Thanks in advance.
I snack all day at work. just bought a 454kg bag of un-shelled sunflower seeds, this may last a week. how many un-shelled seeds do you recommend for a daily intake, for someone who is active?

That question completey depends on what your calorie needs are!  If your calorie needs are higher of course your can have more that someone whose calories needs are less. I can tell yout that sunflower seeds count as a fat exchange.  THe serving size is 1 Tbsp. of unshelled seeds is equal to one fat exchange.  Since sunflower seeds are a plant based food the fat they contain is a healthy one!  In fact they are a source of polyunsaturated fats.  The problems with fats is that even though they are a "healthy" fat source a little bit is a lot of calories.  That one tablespoon is about 45 calories.  So, the key is moderation!  Using them as a snack is fine but eat them in moderation and add other healthy snacks during the day such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt, pretzels, low fat cheese, etc...
Kim Tessmer, RD LD
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