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food and vitamin

8/17 9:24:49


 I am planning to go to the gym which want to loss some weight and become more fitter. I would like to know what sort of vitamins and food can helps me do better in the gym.
 My next question is instead of building a bigger muscles in my body. Is there another way of make the muscles go stronger and harder rather than big.

thank you very much


If you aren't eating the right foods in the right amounts, a multi-vitamin will take care of that.  NONE of the other stuff that health stores or advertising tries to sell is worth even a few pennies.  It doesn't do a thing (the results they might cite are in test tubes, lab animals and other reactions that are medically unsound and unfounded).

Ideally, eat right!  It's really as simple at that.  That's all your body wants OR needs to build itself healthy, strong bones, muscles and organs.

The 'big muscles' you talk about are the result of extensive, repetative muscle building.  Regular work outs won't do that.  You're supposed to use weights that you can comfortably handle for at least 8 repetitions.  This weight and number of repetitions should be fine for up to a month of working out.  After that, you might want to add one or two or a few more repetitions, and perhaps an additional amount of weight (always take small steps for a more lasting result).
The only 'rule' is to never go backwards.  If you use a 10 lb weight (just an example) for something and do 10 repetitions...then no matter what, never do less than that ...so be careful when you choose a comfortable starting  point and be careful when you go to increase....keep this in mind.

Find out what's right to eat by looking into the pyramid at my site.  It's free, selling nothing, promoting nothing and NO FRAUDS .   You don't even sign up for anything or give out your email.

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