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fruitarian diet

8/17 9:24:45

i have recently become a fruitarian, i have heard from websites that it is extremely healthy. but i have also heard that people have died from it, and you dont get enough protein. i eat nuts also, and they have protein. is that enough? is this diet safe? i am doing more good than bad?

Hi Andrea,

I would not recommend choosing to follow a fruitarian diet long term (it would be okay to do a fruitarian fast for a few days if you are in good health).

While fruits are certainly very nutritious, a fruitarian diet cannot provide all the essential nutrients needed for good health. This type of diet would be too low in protein, as well as B vitamins and minerals (including calcium, zinc, and iron). A raw foods diet, however, can be nutritionally adequate if planned appropriately. For reliable information on vegetarian nutrition, I recommend you visit the Vegetarian Resource Group at www.vrg.org.

Hope that helps!

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