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hi, id like to eat better

8/17 9:24:34

hi, i am 18 and i want to join the air force. ive been trying to get in shape for basic training, and i want to know what a simple eating plan for me could be. i tried looking at the cook book things, but theyre too complicated so i just bought slim fast meal replacers. i was eating special k cereal in the morning, a slim fast bar for lunch and like a sandwich for dinner and pretzels for snacks. however, id still be really hungry! what is a simple meal plan for me to help me be energized, full, and still be healthy and loose weight? also, was i not eating enough? oh and im 5'8 and 165 pounds. is this considered over weight? what is the best weight for me?

Hello Sarah,
Telling you how to eat healthy is impossible to do in a few paragraphs.  What I can recommend is following something like the Food Guide Pyramid.  The pyramid basically instructs you to eat from all the food groups and emphasizes serving sizes.  The diet you described seems to lack fruits, veggies, whole grains and dairy.  It needs to be much more well balanced.  At 5'8" you should be somewhere between 125 and 160.  It really depends on your muscle mass, bone structure, etc...   A HEALTHY weight is what is important.  
You can check out this site to help you get started with healthy eating:
Good Luck!
Kim Tessmer, RD LD
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