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Minerals: phosphorus

8/17 9:24:30

Hi... can you tell me about the importance of phosphorus for the brain?
and which nutriments contain phosphorus, besides marine food...
Are there fruits full of phosphorus? THANKS!

Phosphorus chief function in the body is the mineralization of bones and teeth, they are a part of every cell, it's important in genetic material, it's part of phospholipis (help keep cells structure), it's used in energy transfer and in buffer systems that maintain acid-base balance. Phosphorus significant food sources are animal tissues such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and milk. recommended intake is 700 mg/day. Most fruits and vegetables contain 50mg and less per serving. Breads and rices contain just about 100mg per serving. Cheese contain usually 200mg or more per serving Beans contain about 100mg, while sunflower seeds pack a whopping 300+. Phosphorus is important for the brain since it's a part of every cell. Hope this helps.
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