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Please help with low fat and low sugar ideas

8/17 9:24:30

Hello Kimberly,
I am here tonight to find now and fresh idea's for very low fat and or low sugar foods or snacks. I have been overweight for most all of my life. I did loose about 120 lbs after I got out of high school but over time, needless to say, I put it back on. Anyway, Back in Feb this year, my Dr put in me the hospital because the platelets in my blood were down to 0. This is an ongoing problem that I have. I have had three spleens removed so far in my young 36 year old life. Well, when I went into the hospital, they weighed me in one of their new bed's and I was at 396 lbs. I knew that I was around 400 because I have not been able to be weighed in his office for about 5 years now. Well the Dr. put me on 80 mill of Prednisone a day. Needless to say, my sugar was up, while on that high dose of steroids. During the whole time in the hospital, they were taking my blood sugar test's and they were sticking me 4 time a day with med's for it. Then and here, I knew that I was going to have to do something about it and I did. I have, for the past 6 months been a 20 a day fat and 20 a day sugar diet. I try not to take in more than that maney in a day. Every 3 to 4 day's, I eat a meal, something that I really bad want to eat. I always eat a salad, either before or with my meal too and that helps to fill me up and get something good into me too. I also drink a huge amount of water a day. That is about all I do drink.
I write all of this to ask you if there are any foods or snackes that you can give me advise on eating that are both low in fat and sugar? I am doing really well on this thing too. I have been on it for just under 6 months now and I have lost 62 lbs and now I am at 334 lbs and coming down. I do eat a very balanced diet and I am keeping those fat's and sugars down. Any help here would be nice, if you happen to have idea's or any places that I can go to find out this info. I am always finding new things that I can eat and use for the diet.
I also have a question to ask you about sugar's. All the things that I get that don't have sugar in them, always have some kind of artificial sweetener, is this sweetener good for me and if it is, what to watch for in things.
do thank you you for your help.
            Have A Nice Night,

Good job on your weight loss so far!  That is great.  My suggestion though, since you do have health problems, is to see a registered dietitian in your area that can help you out on a more individualized basis.  Your doctor can most likely refer you to one or you can check out www.eatright.org to find one in your area.  
A dietitian can help you to make sure you are eating a healthy balanced diet and can help you to make sure you are losing weight safely!  A dietitian can give you ideas for low fat, low sugar snacks and meals that fit with your specific needs.
Artificial sweeteners that have been approved by the FDA are safe for consumption.  Like everything else though, in moderation! Keep in mind also that just because they contain artificial sweeteners does not mean the food has NO calories.  If you are unsure of using sweeteners in your diet, you may want to run it past your doctor.
Good luck,
Kim Tessmer, RD LD
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