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Weight loss goals

8/17 9:24:18

I appreciate you responses and advice to my questions about aerobics and loosing weight.

My primary goal is to loose weight. For two reasons; I am a diabetic, for health. I am 297.5 pounds with 31% body fat. Goal: 225 pounds and 14% bodyfat.

And I want to "re-gain" the 35" waist I had during my youth (up to age 25). I am now age 52. 51" waist.

I have been lifting weights since age 35. Only recently I began doing aerobics.

I do aerobics at work. At 9:30 during my first 15 minute break. 1/2 hour during my 11:30 lunch and again at 1:30 during my 2nd 15 minute break.

I started going up-and-down the fire escape stairs on our 1-story office building. 28 steps. 1-time up and down. Heart beat 20 beats per 10 seconds. Took about 2 minutes.

As time went along, I increased the steps up and down to 2 times, then 3 times, then 4 times, etc. I included a pair of 5 pound weights. Heart beat was still at 20 beats per 10 seconds. Interesting to note that at even 5 times up and down, still took around 1-2 minutes. And my heart rate went back to normal resting rate in less than 10 minutes. Breathing went back to normal in less than 5 minutes. Normal resting rate is 14-15 beats per 10 minutes.

I did note that when I walked with weights, my heartbeat went up to 21 beats per 10 seconds, but quickly went back to 20 beats in only a few days.

I now go up and down the stairs 10 times, still with 10 pounds of hand weights. Heart beat still 20 beats per 10 seconds. Time required is still about 2-3 minutes total. People tell me that I walk up and down the stairs quickly. I FEEL like I am "dying" from the heat, humidity, pain in legs and heaviness in hands. The minute I finish, I feel fine, again.

During my 1/2 hour lunch, I do 5 lunges, each leg. 10 squats. 20 counter-top-height pushups. I have a concrete block I use as a "step." Up and down 10 times left foot, then right foot, then left foot, etc. 60 steps total. Again, holding hand weights. 15 lbs. I also do a variety of arm exercises with hand weights from 5, 7-1/2, 10, 20, 30, 45, and 75 lbs. Including 1/4 squats, bendovers, etc. Again, pulse does not go over 20 beats per 10 seconds.

I have noted also in my exercises that it is becoming more difficult to keep my heart rate at 20. Cannot get it higher than 20, no matter how intense the exercise. I even tried running over the weekend. Not very far. But I did run about 1 block. Again, 20 beats per 10 seconds.

And I am amazed to feel recovered so fast! after exercising! During exercising I feel pain and nausea. But that instantly ends when I stop exercising. I even SWEAT considerably less than before!

Weight loss is about 1-2 pounds per month. Many people say they see the difference in my overall appearance. And my pants are indeed "growing looser". Sleep better, less sleep time required. Eat a lot less. A LOT less. And find myself feeling full with smaller meals, than before with larger meals. Many foods that I ate before, now disagree with me when I eat them. Especially foods with sugar or fats, etc. Especially during exercises. Interesting!

Thanks again for your time. If you have any further advice, PLEASE, write again. This is a very very interesting trip for me!  

Your routine sounds very reasonable, as does your weight loss goal  1-2 pounds a month is modest and sustainable.  The exercise you are doing is fine, and your weight loss reinforces the fact that it is making an impact on your health and well being.  You've got some time before you attain your goals, but it sounds as if those goals are indeed attainable over the next 2-3 years.

I would slowly continue to increase the speed with which you walk to try and get your heartrate up to about 130-140 per minute.

Best of luck for continued success.  
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