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8/17 9:24:06

please can you tell me about why ready meals - meals you can cook straight away in the oven are deemed to be bad for you - infact anythin about cook / chill AND/OR Ready meals would be great  

MOST of them are extremely high in fats, salts and assorted 'flavorings', but very low in nutrition.  
Restaurant meals are like that too - something you wouldn't typically prepare for yourself on a regular basis because the fat and sodium/salt content is so high.  

Take a look at the nutrient panel and ingredients.  You may be shocked!  It's difficult to imagine that anyone spends good money on those things (might as well just buy lard and eat it, seasoned with lots of salt and chemicals).

You can find some that are more healthy, but you'll often pay more and that might defeat the entire purpose.  
You could try pizza made with half the usual amount of cheese and no meats on it.  You might want to have deli sandwiches without dressings (and none of those 'salad' types, like tuna salad, crab salad, etc with lots of mayo).  Use mustards (all flavors) or lots of onions, pickles, peppers and such to make up for the fatty dressings.  If you MUST have the dressing, order it on the side or ask for 'half the usual amount' (this trick works with nearly everything!).

There's packets of tuna now that come seasoned and they (not packed in oil) are excellent!  Empty it out onto a bed of pre-made salad or spinach leaves, with tomato slices or any other vegetables and include a thick slice of whole grain bread - and you've got a GREAT meal without much fat and pretty low in calories.

There's lots of eating options at my site if you'd like to look.  No sales.  No promotions.  No signing in.  No gimmicks.  It's all free and all real.

Let me know,
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