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Food for white blood cells

8/17 9:24:04

I hope i am asking the right person....Hi, I have Lupus and currently my white blood cell count is low.  Can you tell me what food I should and shouldn't be eating to get the count back up before my next blood test in 2 weeks?  Thanks, Dina

Hello Dina!

   Thank you for your nutrition question.  There is a product on the market called Juice Plus that I would recommend you try since it you have a low white blood cell count.  It contains the nutrients of 17 fruits and vegetables and has helped many of my patients.  It can be purchased at http://www.juiceblend.com  Juice Plus can help your immune system which is not be as strong when your white cell count is low, a condition called neutropenia. In addition, during this time, while your body's immune system may not have the ability to fight infection and foreign substances, it is important to take precautions with food to lessen your exposure to infection-causing organisms. Some people will only need to avoid raw fruits and vegetables while others may need a stricter approach. Check with your medical team to determine the best eating plan for this time.

Here are some tips and suggestions:

When Eating Out:

Avoid Sushi, raw fish, smoked fish
Avoid salad bars, delicatessens, buffets and smorgasbords, potlucks, sidewalk vendors
Fast Foods - ask that food be prepared fresh
Use only single-serving condiment packages; avoid self-serve bulk condiment containers
Avoid free food samples

Foods to Avoid

Raw and undercooked meat, fish, sushi, shellfish, poultry, eggs
Cold, smoked fish (salmon) and lox
Any food which contain raw eggs
Unpasteurized juices, milk, cheese, yogurt, and honey
Miso products
Soft-serve ice cream, milkshakes, and frozen yogurt from yogurt machines
All moldy and out-dated food products
Aged or moldy cheeses as certain sharp cheeses, blue cheese
All raw vegetable sprouts such as alfalfa and mung beans
Herbal preparations

Hope this helps.
-George Rapitis, Nutritionist
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