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Hyperventilation and Weight Loss

8/17 9:23:54

I am a 19/m 6"2 college student with no illness. During the day I hyperventilate subtely (tingling in the extremities. Moreover, the hyperventilation is totally voluntary and due to anxiety. That is, if I wasn't worried about the way I was breathing, I would not be hyperventilating), that is, not acutely, every few hours or so for a 2-3 hour duration. Because of the short duration of the hyperventilation my body does not really kick in to compensation mode because renal compensationt takes 2-3 days to take full effect. In other words my body is frequently in uncompensated respiratory alkalosis. At the same time, unrelated, I am on a diet and losing weight through exercise and healthy nurtrition. Will the respiratory alkalosis change the way fat is burned from my face (proportion-wise, will my face look different once I go from 220 to 190 during this diet than it did when I was 190 4 months ago?) I now weigh 220 pounds. I used to be 190. At 190 I liked the way my slimmer face looked. My question boils down to this: Will my face look the same if I lose weight whilst my body is frequently in uncompensated respiratory alkalosis during the day because of 2-3 hours of hyperventilation 2-3 times a day, each episode separated by at least an hour? can respiratory alkalosis at all affect the way fat will be burned from my face, or does it have no effect whatsoever? Or, is there a bodily "program" wherein the body loses weight the same way, burning fat in an even distribution so that I will look the same at 190 as I did 4 months ago, now that I have gone up to 220 lbs. and am losing weight to go back down to 190, 4 months later. The only difference being that this time while I am losing weight, I am hyperventilating subtely (I can feel tingling in my extremities) during a good portion of the day.


Our bodies will lose weight in its own pre-determined proportion.  Almost everyone will lose weight in the belly, hips and buttock last.

If your face was the last place to look "fat" then it may be the first place to look "skinny" when you start losing weight.  If you want your face to look like it did when you weighed 190, you are going to have to get your weight back down to 190.

There is no such thing as "spot reduction" - doing a thousand sit-ups a day will not help you to lose extra weight around your waist.  Liposuction is truly "spot reduction", that is the exception.

I cannot even imagine how or why hyperventilation would alter the distribution of weight loss.

Best of luck.

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