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8/17 9:23:41

I am a 25-year old male at 6 feet and 168 lbs.
I kinda have a sweet tooth ( I like eating donuts and caramel latte type foods, although I indulge occasionally).
Could you recommend a good and a healthy breakfast plan(besides cereals and bars), something that's readily available at grocery stores? Because there are days that I totally skip breakfast.
Please advice.

I just had a glass of fresh orange juice, am chewing on 2 slices of whole wheat toast with soy cream cheese and sliced white peach on them.

I have not found a cereal anywhere that doesn't contain refined sugar - which is as addictive as nicotine, is linked to a huge range of diseases, brain & bone loss.

Get your sweets from fresh ripe fruit and unsweetened dried fruit, dates. Raw, not roasted nuts are good.

Whole grain bread - read the label carefully - unhydrogentated peanutbutter are worth eating.

Some swear by eating only fruit for breakfast, doesn't work for me.

Do eat something, skipping it tends to overeating later, and overweight.

Susan Lee http://www.premiumfuel.com
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