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high protein diet!!

8/17 9:22:46

I have been able to reduce abt 3-4 kgs by floor exercisesI am happy abt it,but peoplehave started to say that I am looking lean(esp.my neck) and at times even weak.I too think my frame seems to have reduced and the muscle tone is also a bit low.
I want to increase my protein in take so as to match my exercise regime.Pl.suggest the right food, high protein food.

Hello Aseem,
  I have a few questions.  First, are you doing any weight training?  In order to build muscle mass you must stress the muscles with resistive training (weights).  Secondly, do you eat healthy food now?  Generally speaking, there is only one healthy diet which consists of whole grains, fruit, vegetables (raw as much as possible), fish, seeds, nuts, beans, olive oil, and lean meat.  If you are needing to add a little extra protein (most people in the US and Europe get more than enough protein in their diet) you would probably want to add some whey protein that you mix up with juice or milk.  It has some advantages over other proteins such as milk protein, egg white, red meat or soy protein.  Soy protein in good, however, and tends to be cheaper.  If you want to just use food for increased protein, beans, soybeans, chicken, fish, and egg whites are all good sources.  I hope this helps.

Greg Tharp, Ph.D.  
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