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proper diet/no weight loss

8/17 9:22:40

Maybe you can help.I need to know what I should eat.I'm trying to gain a few pounds, and to start eating the right foods.I'm not sure what I need to eat.What I would like is to figure out how many carbs,protein, and things of that nature my body needs to accomplish certain goals. For now I won't list all of those goals. Perhaps if you can help me, we could go into greater detail at a later time.I also need a way to know, (once I've figured out what my body needs)what foods to buy in orded to get the proper vitamins and nutrients I need.I know this is a tall order.Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.Even if you could point me in right direction


Hello Zack!

   Thank you for your nutrition question.  There is no need to be fustrated if you follow the tips I have provided:

1. Eat consistently. Every day, have three hearty meals plus one to three additional snacks. Do NOT skip meals!

2. Eat larger than normal portions. Eat three potatoes at dinner, instead of only two. Have a taller glass of juice or a  bigger bowl of cereal.

3. Select higher calorie foods. Read food labels to determine which foods have more calories than an equally enjoyable counterpart. For example, cran-apple juice has more calories than does orange juice (170 vs 110 calories/8 ounces)

4. Drink lots of juice and milk. Beverages are a simple way to increase your caloric intake.

5. Do strengthening exercises (weight lifting, push-ups) to stimulate muscular development so that you bulk-up instead of fatten up.

Hope this helps.


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