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monitoring calories

8/17 9:22:38

I've been working with a personal trainer who has suggested I start eating about 2,500 calories a day to get up to a desired weight. I eat healthily, but I'm not used to eating that many calories. I think I can achieve it, however, by eating high calorie "in-between" meals, or snacks. Can you suggest some healthy, high-calorie foods I can eat between my meals? Or if you have suggestions on how to better approach this diet, I'll welcome those as well.

Thank you.

Hello Dave!

  Thank you for your nutrition question.  I have provided you with some great tips on how to increase your calorie intake to 2,500 calories.
1. Eat consistently. Every day, have three hearty meals plus one to three additional snacks. Do NOT skip meals!

2. Eat larger than normal portions. Eat three potatoes at dinner, instead of only two. Have a taller glass of juice or a  bigger bowl of cereal.

3. Select higher calorie foods. Read food labels to determine which foods have more calories than an equally enjoyable counterpart. For example, cran-apple juice has more calories than does orange juice (170 vs 110 calories/8 ounces)

4. Drink lots of juice and milk. Beverages are a simple way to increase your caloric intake.

5. Do strengthening exercises (weight lifting, push-ups) to stimulate muscular development so that you bulk-up instead of fatten up.

Hope this helps

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