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herbal tea

8/17 9:22:15


i want to buy this herbal tea to loose some weight very quickly.
I red this description about herbal tea which i want to buy, but i need your advice.
how healthy it is, and is it really works.
please read it!
Bioslim Tea, 20 bags  Natural Weight Loss.

The effective and valuable ingredients contained in this tea are specially processed from natural plants under strict supervision and have completely fulfilled all sanitary formalities.
The tea meets all requirements that helps to relieve bowel sluggishness and occasional constipation. It's efficacy has long been well recognized to be very reliable. It also aids digestion, maintains bowel regularity and physical fitness. It has a pleasant taste and is well tolerated.
BioSlim works by cooperating with your body's physiology. Formulated and used by expert medical doctors, it combines the latest scientific research with an all-important focus on natural health principles. This breakthrough system is both easy to follow and extremely powerful. It will help you achieve dramatic weight loss, and help improve your health and energy level, all without suffering or deprivation.

100% Safe! You never have to worry about what you're getting with the BioSlim formula. The effective and valuable ingredients contained in this tea are specially processed from natural plants under strict supervision and have completely fulfilled all sanitary formalities. BioSlim is all natural, containing no drugs, ephedra, herbal phen-fen, caffeine, or aspirin compounds.

This effectively works by turning fat deposits, which are hard to shift without a lot of exercise, into glucose which can then be burned off by the body naturally and without the need for strenuous exercise, although some light exercise is recommended for superior results.

Ingredients: Senna pods 75% Senna leaves 25%

Directions: Put 1 or 2 bags of this tea in a cup of boiling water, let steep for 5 - 10 minutes and then sip the clear tea. If desired, a little lemon juice or honey can be added to taste.

Begin with one cup daily, best in the evening. After few days, if required, drink one cup in the morning before breakfast and one cup in the evening before retiring.

Contra-indication: ileus

Mfd by: BOSS Pharmaceuticals AG, Switzerland  

I'm SOOOO glad you asked! Save your money and your health! The Senna is a laxative/diuretic and has absolutely NOTHING to do with removing fat or turning it into anything else.

Hemlock, Poison Ivy, Cyanide and THOUSANDS of other lethal, very deadly poisons are "all natural" and "herbal" - so those claims of safety are your first indication of fraud, misrepresentation and outright lies.  If they're going to be dishonest about that, what else are they being dishonest about?
Well, everything! This tea costs about $2.00 for that "month's supply".  What do they want you to pay?

These 'out of country' suppliers can do whatever they want and make whatever claims they want and be responsible for countless deaths or other health complications. By the time anyone catches up with them, they've closed down and re-opened under a different name, re-package their product and re-word their pitch.

Just think about it. If this stuff worked, NO ONE would be overweight would they? If it were this easy, doctors would be giving it to their patient's free(health insurance would make sure of it since they spend BILLIONS of dollars on health care associated with too much weight).

To find out about even more QUACK products and plans, check my site. It's free - no sales, no signing in, no products, no promotions.

Look into "Diets cause weight gain"

Let me know if you wonder about anything else....


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