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8/17 9:21:59

I just wanted to ask if you can give me a healthy diet that allows to eat most kind of food like carbohydrates and fat.

Sure - as a matter of fact I have a general plan outlined on my site.  No sales. No promotions. No signing in. No QUACKS.  

It examines all the diets out there and explains why none of them actually work or last.  In fact, diets cause weight gain.  Yup!  Sort of explains why so many people are overweight (they're all on diets!)

If you can eat just one candy bar a day (or one brownie, one piece of cake, one dish of ice cream, etc) you can enjoy it and still control your weight.

As for carbs - they are absolutely necessary!  When you exercise or do any physical activity, the first thing that gets used up (calories burned) are sugars and carbs! Poof!  They are gone!  Proteins are next.  Fruits help keep blood sugars stable and count as fluids; vegetables are generally necessary for fiber to bind to fats and wastes and move them through (and I can't tell you how much 'whole grains' are necessary!).  Fats - in the form of plant and fish fats are healthy-for-the-heart fats that can keep us running smoothly and the weight stays low.

Check my page (under "Diets Cause Weight Gain") and let me know how you do.

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