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Spring Breaks almost here!!!

8/17 9:21:53

Hello...I'm 5'7 and 150 lbs. I know I'm not too fat or anything I just need help with learning what foods I should eat and how to excersice right to lose weight quickly and healthy...I try to watch what I eat and exercise but its a really hard thing to do with being in after school activities. I don't ever get home until late aroung 6-7 and then I'm already tired of school plus doing homework, dinner, and bathing I just cant seem to fit in a quick and easy work-out. I need help! What can I do to lose weigth and what should I eat to get healthy as quick as possible?

Face it, to lose weight, you have to increase your exercise. It's too hard to just diet to lose weight, plus you won't get the nutrients you need. If you really, really want to get in shape for spring break, you are going to have to make some time for at least 30 minutes of activity. Even just walking is OK.
Sorry there is no magic diet or eating plan to make it happen without a little exercise. Go get a crunch video, or abd work-out video, and try to do it every day for at least 30 minutes. Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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