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My 16 year old daughter need your help no one can help her.

8/17 9:21:52

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Hi my daughters name is nici. she is 16. she is 35 pounds over weight. we have been watching  her weight for 2 years now. but she was still gaining weight. So we went to the doctor and he said her test are in the normal range. So we changed what she was eating. she is on the dr phills diet. She is on 1200 to 1300 cal per day all freash fruit and veg all wheat bread and pasta. she never cheats. I bring her lunch to school. she trys so hard she is getting very depressed. She has been on the diet or 3 months now and has not losted a pound. I dont know what to do. We took her to a nutri and she said i cant help you because nici is doing every thing right. and she said that it is a med problem and they say it is not a med problem. Nici is very actived. she has PE in school and walks 1 hour 5 days a week in PE. she does cheer on tue and thur for 3 hours a day and does dance on mon and wed for 2 hours a day. she is very actived. I dont know what to do. They tryed to get her in to the childrends med center and they said no they dont take obeast kids. go to a nutri i told them we did and they said sorry her test are in the normal range. If you could meet nici you would know she is not cheating. she is working very hard to make this work . I dont want her to start throwing up. She said she has thought about it and cant make her self throw up. Please help. She is only 16 and i know if any one is sticking to a good dite and is actived the weight will come off. but with nici it will not. we need to find some one to help.
Answer -
Dear Tammie, keep a food journal and have her track every morsel of food, every drink, everything she eats or drinks daily. Then look up the calories on the label and figure out exactly how many calories she eats for certain (she can do this). It only takes a hundred or two hidden calories to make them not lose weight in that week. Second she has to increase her activity. She may be active now, but she has to add 30 minutes of just walking every evening. If she can lift light weights in gym or at the YMCA she will also lose more weight. Try to cut the pasta and the starchy foods from the diet, instead eat more protein in the form of egg white, tuna fish, lean meats and chicken and of course lot's of water.
Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com

Nici does keep a log of what she eats we mesure and weight all her food.can a 16 year old have a problem with starchy foods. i have a log for three months i can send you it if you need it. i will have her work out for 30 more min a day and see if it helps. but she now does not eat much carbs. DR Phill diet is all the food groups and low in good carbs. what are we to do. She is not a meat eater.  It is hard to get her to eat veg but she does and when we have rice it is 1/3 cup cooked and wheat rice. she nevers eats pasta. she does eat a sandwish every day for lunch and salad and fruit. Her breakfast is around 200 cal and lunch is 400 cal and her dinner is 400 cal and she gets 2 snacks at 100 per snack so her in take is around 1200 to 1300 per day. Not a lot. Help
Answer -
Tammie, Some people do have a problem with starchy foods as carbohydrates (starch) are turned into sugar in the bloodstream and if not burned right off with exercise or other activity, are easily stored as fat. Also carbohydrates like rice, pasta, white bread, fruit juice, bagels, potatoes, can cause more weight gain because the body produces more insulin to counteract the sugar. Insulin makes the body store fat if there is excess calories. If she doesn't eat meat, she should be getting her protein from some other source. She needs protein to fuel her muscles and jumpstart her weight loss. I'm sure Dr. Phill has meat, chicken or fish in his program. A dietician can help her choose non meat sources of protein. Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com

Thank you for the reply but i may have miss lead you nici does eate protin she just dont like it. have you ever had a teen not be able to lose weight. if there is no med problems. You dont understand we have done every thing and that is why we are asking for your help.

Tammie, The kids I have taken care of who didn't lose weight, were usually eating a little extra something at school or afterschool, that they forgot to write down. It only takes a couple hundred calories extra everyday to prevent a weight loss. I have had kids not lose weight in a whole week by just having pizza one day. Two hundred calories is easily eaten with a handful of food.
You said "she's not a meat eater" that's why I commented on it. At 16 years old, she is responsible for her food intake and her exercise. If she is not losing weight eating Dr. Phil's diet, she contact him or his staff through his website or through his book and ask him why she is not losing weight. Make her the responsible one. They should support her and their program if they offer a weightloss program like that.
Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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