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8/17 9:21:45

Hi -
 I put on 10 pounds over this long winter here in NY and was already 10 pounds overweight.  I'm 5' 10" and weight 195 now.  I feel great when I'm 175.  I read Atkins, Southbeach, the Ab diet, fit for life ... I understand portion control with weight watchers and such.  I have a stressful job and travel allot.  I have picked up some good tips such as drinking more purified water, more protein, eating less later in the day, ...  I do exercise pretty regularly.  
  Are there any good tips you can recommend to assist me?  I don't have that much to lose.  I have a good amout of muscle mass (not too bulky). I appreciate any recommendations.  Why is losing 20 pounds so difficult?  By the way I do have a bit of a sweet tooth contributing to the problem.  
Kind Regards,

Hi Glenn,

Eat when you are hungry, forget the clock. Mess with a truly healthy appetite (sweet tooth tends to be an addiction, knowing the difference is vital) and it will mess up your metabolism. "More protein" sounds like a bad thing, you can only use a small amount. Please see http://www.premiumfuel.com for Diet Myths & Real Food.
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