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question on butter and bread

8/17 9:21:37

is butter okay to have once a day to put on my toast im using breakstones all natural unsalted whipped butter the red one you can buy it in any supermarket if not give me a butter aternative okay that would be better then butter each day to put on my toast okay
now question on bread i know white bread is bad for you i been eating pepperridge farm natural bread whole grain 100 percent stone ground whole wheat bread thats very good for me but i see it has gluten in it plus i have dermatitis on my face scalp im 31 now had this start when i was around 16 so which breads are also very healthy for me to eat that aint white bread or whole wheat bread ok thanks  

Butter is OK to use as long as you use very little and are not drowning your bread in butter.  You may also want to try a margarine that has no tran fatty acids.  There are many on the market to choose from.  Just read labels.
You may also want to get rid of butter and margarine all together and use something much healthier such as peanut butter!
AS far as bread, if you are gluten intolerant than you need to look at ALL STARCHES and FOODS you eat, not just bread.  There is gluten in many, many foods!!!  Gluten free breads are specialty breads and are usually only found in specialty stores or online.  If your doctor has told you to stay away from gluten than you need to be properly instructed by a dietitian who specializes in that area.  You may want to ask your doctor for a referral.
Kim Tessmer, RD LD

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