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8/17 9:21:07

Hello, well i am 16 years old and i now weight about 104 lbs i am 5'2. I have recently lost about 20 lbs since this summer. But i am not sure if i did it a healthy way i didnt eat much and exercised. But now i am trying to raise my calories alittle maybe to about 1400 or so. I do 30 minutes of cardio on the elpitical i do an ab work out and work on legs and arms. But my stomach isnt shriking it is huge and gross. Could this be from not eating enough or what? and also i was wondering if u could help me on a healthy low calorie meal plan and also an exercise plan. thanks

Dear Shannon, I can't imagine your stomach being that big at 104 pounds. When you exercise to tone muscle, you have to eat foods that will help to tone those muscles. That food is protein. Tuna, eggs, lean meats, low fat dairy, chicken and fish are all good examples. Try to eat a protein food at each meal. Your exercise plan is already OK. A healthy diet is one that contains all the food groups, so keep track of what you eat and eat fruits, vegetables, protein foods, low fat dairy, whole grain breads, and healthy fats like those found in salad dressing. Your school gym teacher can help you with an exercise plan if you are looking to change the one you have. Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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