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Compulsive Eating

8/17 9:20:33

I am a 21 year old female.  I am 5'4 and nearly 160 pounds.  Since I was 18 I have struggled with compulsive eating.  As a result of this I spent two years of my life as a bulimic.  Though I have since started a healthier lifestyle with daily exercise, I cannot seem to curb my body's desire for food.  I wake up in the morning and the first thing I think about is food- "What am I going to eat?  Where can I go for good food?  What will I eat for lunch/dinner?"  I am obsessed!  Though a big part of me wants my diet to match my fitness level, it seems too hard.  What can I do about this?  Do you have any tips to keep my mind off of food?  I am tired of food controlling my life!  I'd appreciate any advice you may have.  Thank you

Well, if you've figured anything out, it's that bulimia doesn't really work for weight control. I've been bulimic for over 30 years, 'recovering' for more than the last 5 and no matter how much weight I DIDN'T lose with various forms of bulimia, I kept trying.
 Once I stopped - and modified my life rather than just pick another 'diet' - I lost weight without even trying! LOTS of it! And it's stayed off!

I also woke up with food on my mind. What "could" I eat, what should I stay away from, and every day seemed to start out well enough, but by afternoon, early evening - I was stuffing myself. Again.
 You have apparently exhausted yourself with the obsession and are ready to give up. NOW you can succeed!
 Check my site and look into the "Volunteer Match" which will check opportunities in your city - and then, just DO it.  No excuses (I've used them all too).
 In my case, I got involved in nature preserves and ended up handling all sorts of animals. After a lifetime behind desks, I refused to do anything like that for this place and instead, took all the jobs no one else wanted. Cleaning habitats, helping build habitats, taking the animals out for exercise, taking school groups on hikes, just doing everything new and unusual for me.
 I implemented the new eating lifestyle I've outlined at my site - and whenever I ended up thinking about 'food' - I'd redirect the thoughts and do something physical. I planted a magnificent patio garden at a friend's apartment and people slow down when they go by my yard (which is now an official 'natural habitat').
 Bottom line? In less than 6 months I lost ALL the weight I'd been trying to lose for a LIFETIME! That was more than 5 years ago. I'm still going strong.

You can too. I promise!  You've taken the first step, now take the next one. Check my site. It's free, no signing in and nothing promoted or for sale.

Let me know how you do.

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