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Ganing weight after recovering from anorexia...having trouble

8/17 9:19:53

I have a question concerning my weight gain from recovering from anorexia.  I'm currently 90 lbs, 5'5? and I'm 17 and female.  I have been consuming 2000-3000 calories a day and my weight has not changed in a week匢 hover between 89 and 90.  I try to still eat semi-healthy but I am eating lots of carbs, fats and sugar too.  Am I eating the wrong foods? And if so what should I be eating.  I'd like to be gaining weight at 2-3 lbs a week if that is at all possible for my metabolism.  It's always been fast and that's why I lost 40 lbs in 2 ?months but now it's working to my disadvantage.  Also, after consuming a normal sized meal I often feel very ill and get gas and diarrehea.  After 3000 cals, I am stuffed.  I also go to the bathroom (number 2) at least 2-3 times a day and pee like a racehorse卛s this influencing my non-weight gain? What should I do卛ncrease the calories even more?  Eat more fats?  Eat more frequently even though I eat ever 2-3 hours?  Please let me know.

Thanks a bunch

Oh, what a remarkable step you are taking! I've been there (a few times), coming back from anorexia. It's so difficult!

If you do nothing else, PLEASE don't try to pack on the pounds with the wrong foods. Sugar and fat? You already have a weakened heart (well, chances are you do and you may not even know it) - these things are poison!

Whole grains (tons of cereals like oatmeal, shredded wheat, Life, Cheerios, low fat granolas, toasted oat flakes, many more) are vital. Beans and legumes (peanuts, soy, etc) and fresh fruits are going to help vitalize your hair and skin again - even your eyes will brighten and your vision may sharpen!
Fatty fish like salmon, tuna and the like are GOOD fats. Olive oil, peanut oil, soybean oil and avocado (limited to just one or two a week) are GOOD fats!
There's no reason to eliminate sugar, you can have FROSTED shredded wheat and to be honest, there's no problem with a candy bar, some ice cream, etc. now and then - but please, this is 'empty calories' - not doing any good. And you need to follow your good intentions with good choices.

Check my site for more health and diet info, including extensive info about anorexia - if you need to talk with me at any time - no matter how many times - I'm available here or through my site.
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