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can i still gain weight?

8/17 9:19:49

Hello, say I exercise 5 days a week and burn about 500 calories off each day. I normally eat around 1500 calories each day. I was wondering, if I were to overeat one of those days by say 300 calories, would it matter since I burned it off in exercise?  I'm a bit confused, thanks.

Hi Ann,

This notion that calories, in and out, is some formula written in stone is false, and generates many confused and frustrated dietes, esp. women. Your metabolism changes with your moods, acitivity, stress and more. Stress and eating LESS can actually lower your metabolism. The best thing is to get your appetite in shape by tuning it with Real Food, then it can tell you what you need and when you have had enough. See http://www.premiumfuel.com
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