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Quaker oats

8/17 9:19:46


I recently re-openned a quaker can that hasn't been used for a few months and discovered many worms living happily inside.

Is that common, and what should I do about it?

Thanks for your time,

Hi Ziv,

I'm surprised, I didn't know there was any nutritional value in the stuff. It is a good sign that something other than a human would eat it. (I had a friend with a burger collection - took them home, put them on her mantle - no bugs, no molds, nothing but a human would mistake it for food. Some of them didn't even shrink in size over a year.)

Get smaller container so you use it up faster, and put that in a plastic bag.

For oats with more to them, try steel cut oats.

Susan Lee http://www.premiumfuel.com  
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